Athenian Agora’s Timely Significance Inspires Artist in Pennsylvania, USA

"The Agora" Project, Michael Hinman
“The Agora” Project, Michael Hinman

Art teacher at North East Elementary School Michael (Mike) Hinman created a large-scale acrylic painting, entitled “The Agora,” which was finally unveiled at the Jefferson Educational Society in Pennsylvania, USA, on Sunday, October 25, as a kickoff to Global Summit VII.

Hinman’s 30 feet wide and 7 feet tall creation, inspired by ancient Greece’s famous Agora, a place where great thinkers met to discuss and debate, aims to transfer the visitors of Jefferson Educational Society’s Hall auditorium in Erie, Pennsylvania, to Greek civilization’s astonishing world.

Some of the most prominent people of ancient Greece, including Aristotle, Archimedes, Alexander the Great, Euclid, Hippocrates, Pericles, Plato, Pythagoras and Socrates, are masterfully depicted by the artist in his new painting “The Agora,” in an effort to honor their huge influence on early American thinkers.

“I wanted to make a painting that celebrates these glorious centuries in Athens that have continued to inspire progress in Western society for over 2,000 years, especially the founding fathers of our great country,” Mike Hinman said.

Jefferson Educational Society vice president and executive director Ferki Ferati commented on the well-aimed connection of “The Agora” project to Erie’s think tank: “The agora was a place of gathering. Over time, the whole discussion of voting and leaders being elected happened. That’s what the Jefferson is supposed to be. We’re supposed to be a platform where discussion takes place and ideas emerge,” he said explaining the society’s important role as a place that offers classes and lectures on arts, culture and politics.