A Greek American Fighting ISIS

Source: Protothema.gr
Source: Protothema.gr

Kurdish fighters are among the groups leading the battle against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Over the course of their struggle, foreigners have joined these Kurdish forces in the battle ground. Among these is an active Greek American and a Greek-British citizen who fell in combat in March.

Petros, called by his nickname Servan, is a Greek American who served in the United States Marines for four years, and is now among the women and men fighting to fend off ISIS forces in Kurdistan according to a report by Protothema.

Servan decided to leave his home in New York City and join the Kurdish fighters voluntarily after a friend he had in Baghdad sent him pictures depicting the atrocities committed by ISIS soldiers. After a few weeks Servan had joined forces in Kurdistan in the battle against ISIS.

The former marine is not part of a state mission but he clarified that he is not a mercenary either. He sees himself as a volunteer who could not wait around for his government to make the decision to fight.

Servan fought alongside slain British-American Konstandinos Eric Scurfield who was killed in combat on March 2 2015, at the age of 25 in Syria. Like Servan, Scurfield, a former British Marine had joined soldiers in Kurdistan to fight ISIS.

Scurfield was honored by Kurds when his casket arrived at Manchester in May, for his efforts alongside Kurdish fighters in Syria.

Konstandinos Scurfield
Konstandinos Scurfield, Source: Protothema.gr