Greek Orthodox Priest in New York Allegedly Suspended for Having Extra-Marital Relations

George-PassiasA Greek Orthodox priest in New York City was allegedly having extra-marital relations with a school principal.

67-year-old George Passias, a pastor at the Saint Spyridon Church in Washington Heights allegedly had romantic relations with 45-year-old Ethel Bouzalas who hails from Peru, the New York Post reports. Passias is married with four children while Bouzalas is also married with three children, the newspaper alleges.

The New York based publication claims that following the revelation of his extramarital relationship by Bouzalas’s husband, Passias was suspended from his role in the church mid September by Bishop Andonios Paropoulos.

The pastor’s explanation of his absence to his followers was “personal and health reasons,” via e-mail, while he also noted that he had committed sins and asked his followers to not ask him further questions about his whereabouts, the New York Post further claims.

The New York Post claims to having a homemade tape that Passias and Bouzalas filmed, which depicts them in sexual actions. The newspaper further cites Paropoulos as saying that Passias and Bouzalas told him about the tape.


  1. its pretty sad to see, shame on the preist , he should know better… even if he made a mistake he continued this for years and the mistress enjoyed her seat and services from what i see…
    but i hear now that the mistress is claiming that shes the victim lol.. and her astranged husband blaming preist,, if you look at videos , his estranged wife didnt seem to have a problem when she was entertaining the father lol with her cake porn… shes not the victim at all..
    her husband or estranged husband is quite the idiot.. hello !!?? did you watch the videos..
    shes telling the preist that he belongs under her feet…….. power hungry what it looks like to me ..
    the only one who i feel trully sorry for is the preist wife.. shes the true victim… the presvytera her title… the kids are not victims but also feel sorry for them since they have no control over what or how the parents behave,, but in no way shape or form should they be punished for it…
    this continued on for 10 years!!!!!! or so… how can she claim shes the victim… why did she make those tapes!!! she didnt seem as though she was the victim… lol as for her estranged husband …
    defending his estranged wife is a joke.. she played you ,,, what a fool…
    the greek church is offering services to the mistress … as if she is the victim.. its a joke..
    offer those services to the kids and the presvytera… you got caught mistress and now ur the victim.. preist in hiding from his shame as he should be.. you should go and hide too…. u are not the victim you should be ashamed of yourself… with the preist!? as if their were no other men…. bow ur head in shame …. u are trully trash and now u want pity… as well as a theif.. fyi she took 30,000 from the church safe before she left… who gives 30,000 in donation in cash to the church with no receipt unheard of.. always a check and always documented … she said her husband deals with alot of cash in realestate deals … maybe he should be audited lol just like the church.. sounds like a lot of monkey business besides cake porn going on..


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