US OPEN: Greek Chair Umpire Eva Asderaki Makes History

eva-asderakiEva Asderaki made history in her own unique way on Sunday, September 13, at the US Open finals, becoming the first female chair umpire in the tournament, at the Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer match.

Asderaki not only managed to make history, but she also made no mistakes during the final which ended in favor of the Serbian player (3-1 sets), although she had to intervene on several occasions.

She was born on January 27, 1982 in Chalkis, Greece and became involved in sports at the age of six. At first she tried rhythmic gymnastics but at age 11, tennis won her over, and she ranked in the best 8 players nationwide, by the age of 16.

She first worked as a line umpire during a local tournament, and that is how she began her career as an umpire. She received her first badge after an ITF seminar in Thessaloniki, kicking off her career in Greece. In 2000 she went to umpire school in Luxembourg earning her first international badge (white), thus starting an international career. In 2002 she received the bronze badge, in 2005 the silver and in 2008 the gold.

Eva has stated that she likes to travel but being away from her family and friends, missing celebrations and special moments is always difficult. She spends around 20-25 weeks per year traveling around the world to attend tournaments.

She especially enjoyed the tournaments in Doha and Dubai and considers her career highlight to be the Olympic Games in Athens. Furthermore, she was also umpire during the Wimbledon Grand Slam final in 2011 and 2013.


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