Greek-Americans Continue to Fight for Greece

phil-angelidesThe Greek-American community is still fighting for Greece, even though a deal has already been signed with the country’s European partners. Greek Diaspora organizations across the U.S. have been trying to find ways to provide aid to the homeland, in any form possible.

More than one million Greek-Americans have collectively made efforts to influence the US government to get involved in the matter, even if the issue only concerns Europe. The Hellenic American Leadership Council, the American Hellenic Institute, as well as several Greek-American powerful businessmen are pushing President Barack Obama and the Congress to ask the International Monetary Fund and European leaders to consider offering Greece some debt relief.

Huffington post reports that on Tuesday, September 1, Greek-American financial expert and former California state treasurer Phil Angelides gave a brief speech to the Hellenic American Leadership Council, during which he explained Greece’s current financial situation and discussed ideas with the council members on how the Diaspora could help the homeland.

Angelides stressed that Greece has not had any time to recover from the financial crisis of 2008, mostly because of the austerity measures. “The only other time in recent modern history when a country that has lost as much as Greece has been asked to send money overseas was Germany after World War I, which was a disaster,” he said.

The financial expert also added that the IMF has recognized that Greece will not be able to recover or grow if it does not receive significant debt relief, therefore he urged the Diaspora to “do their best to help Greece recover in the construct in which they are operating.”


  1. The main issue with Greece is the massive political corruption which is been established by politicians with connections to public service sector to siphone the wealth of the country and they did it with very sad results for the majority of the Greeks. What Greece is really need is a helping hand to throw out these 300 pigs from government and elect honest people with real interest to lead the country to years of prosperity. This crisis is caused by our corrupt politicians who looted this country wealth…

  2. Why aren’t the diaspora Greeks buying any Greek diaspora bonds? That would be a start to show a sign of ‘team Greece’?

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