Former Greek Parliament President Konstantopoulou Calls for Solidarity Towards Greek People [Video]

Zoe Konstantopoulou, presidente del Parlamento greco (da Facebook) - DA PATRIZIO NISSIRIO

Former Greek Parliament President Zoi Konstantopoulou arrived at the 4th World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in New York. During her speech, Konstantopoulou called for solidarity towards the Greek people and the country which is now facing severe financial and social issues.

“I stand before you and among you as President of the recently dissolved Hellenic Parliament to address you with the call for solidarity to the Greek people and to Greece the place where democracy was born and where it is now being bluntly attacked and violated,” Konstantopoulou said.

The former Greek Parliament President added that over the last five years Greece has been forced to implement policies that were supposed to provide a sustainable solution to the country’s debt crisis. However, she stressed that these measures have only resulted in severe violations of human rights, especially social rights, as well as fundamental freedoms.

“I call upon you to support the claim for democracy…do not allow any other parliament to vote against the people’s will and against its deputy’s mandate, do not allow that human rights, human lives, human dignity and the most valuable UN principles are crashed to serve the banking system,” she added

“The world that people want cannot be built without the world’s people,” Konstantopoulou concluded.



  1. “The peoples will” we all know what that means: no economizing.
    “Violation of social rights” right let the other memeberstates economizing on that as it happens right now, but not on the Greek ones.

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