Greek American Organizations Raise $100,000 for Children in Greece


Nikos Mouyiaris with Alexi Giannoulias. Photo Greek News Online

The SOS Children’s Villages organization announced on Saturday that they have received donations of over 100,000 dollars from Greek American organizations for orphaned and abandoned children in Greece.

The Jaharis Family Foundation, Inc offered a 50,000 dollar challenge gift which was matched in two days through SOS’s peer-to-peer platform and online, according to a website report.

The Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) launched its #HELPGREECENOW campaign, which raised over $50,000 for SOS in just two days through grassroots efforts. The success of the campaign inspired HALC’s founder to launch a challenge gift of his own. the report says.

“The Greek diaspora and many Philhellenes have proven their commitment to stand by Greece. The fact that hundreds of Hellenes and Philhellenes donated over $50,000 in less than 50 hours is awe- inspiring for me,” said Nikos P. Mouyiaris, Founder of HALC and MANA Products. “Having met the $50,000 challenge of The Jaharis Family Foundation to SOS Children’s Villages, I would like us to keep the momentum going. That is why I am issuing another $50,000 challenge gift for this effort to benefit SOS Children’s Villages in Greece.”

“We are proud to work with SOS Children’s Villages – children are always the most vulnerable in any crisis, war or economic,” said Endy D. Zemenides, Executive Director of HALC. “SOS throughout its history has made a difference in lives of vulnerable children and we are excited to stand with them on behalf of children in Greece.”

Established in 1975, SOS Children’s Villages in Greece working to ensure that every child there grows up in a loving family environment. The economic crisis has forced many children and families into a dire situation. To support their needs, SOS has expanded its programs in Greece and now provides critical support to over 1,000 families annually across its seven community centers.

“Children and families are living in devastating conditions due to this economic crisis. Many parents are jobless and are finding it difficult to provide for their families. We are grateful to The Jaharis Family Foundation for leading this giving challenge and the Hellenic American Leadership Council for being an amazing launch partner and kicking off the campaign with such enthusiasm and success. ” said Kathy Kladopoulos, ‎President at The Midas Exchange and SOS Children’s Villages – USA board member. “This initiative is part of a larger board fundraising campaign to support these families, and to educate the American community about the situation in Greece and inspire them to take action.”

Funds raised will help SOS expand its services to double the number of at-risk families who currently receive support at seven social centers; expand SOS’s food aid program to support vulnerable families across the country; and help families recover and rebuild their lives as the crisis subsides.