Chris Pratt, Actor and Ancient Greece Painter

Source: Igmur
Source: Igmur

Chris Pratt is apparently an Ancient Greek scene painter, among other things.

The professional actor, who stars in Jurassic World, the third highest worldwide grossing of all time, drew a painting that is hanging on the wall of a friend’s Greek restaurant, Omega Pizza & Pasta, in the state of Washington.

A user with the alias slartibartfas uploaded his revelation on the online image sharing platform Igmur. The painting depicts a scene from Ancient Greece and includes characteristics associated with the time such as columns and laced sandals.

On to the painting there is attached an interview of a young Pratt who speaks on his passion for painting and the said piece of art in his friend’s restaurant.

The uploader notes that the restaurant owner told him that her son and Pratt were friends in high school, when the actor also washed dishes in the restaurant’s kitchen.


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