A Greek-American Behind the Empire State Building Video on Endangered Species

Empire State BuildingThe Empire State Building in New York City hosted a spectacular event in which a video projection with phenomenal nature scenes was displayed across 33 floors of Manhattan’s iconic tower in an effort to draw attention to the plight of endangered animals.

The moving video was created by Greek-American photographer and documentary film director Louie Psihoyos, who is also the founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society.

For the short-film’s successful projection stacked 40 20,000-lumen projectors perched on the roof of a building opposite the Empire State Building, one of Manhattan’s highest structures standing 1,250ft (381m) tall.

The eight-minute sparking “conversation” about the impeding mass extinction of thousands of animal species was repeated every 15 minutes from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am local time and was visible from almost 20 blocks away.

The event was organized as part of a promotion for a new Discovery Channel documentary, entitled “Racing Extinction.”



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