Greek Athletes Shine in Los Angeles Special Olympics and Bring Home 36 Gold Medals

Greek Team Special OlympicsGreece took a reinvigorating break from the ongoing crisis that is plaguing the country, thanks to the 2015 Special Olympics World Games that are taking place in Los Angeles, California.

Since the games began on July 25, the Greek athletes competing at the games have won an impressive 36 gold medals in various sports and many of them have been among the first eight contestants, in different competitions.

Greece was especially successful in swimming, gymnastics and football. Greece’s men won the swimming 4×50 medley relay as well as the 7-A-side football competition. At the same, time three Greek women brought home 11 gold medals in gymnastics.

The Special Olympics include people with intellectual disabilities who are over eight years old. Each sport and race has multiple divisions, based on the capabilities of the contestants.

“They are showing us their best and under the guidance of their volunteer coaches, they bring results that make us very proud. Let’s go strong, Special Olympics Hellas. The country, despite the problems, is by your side,” said Special Olympics Hellas President Joanna Despotopoulou during the early stages of the games.

Here is a list of the Greek athletes who won medals thus far.


  • Exarchopoulos, Antonios- KT 500M Race Doubles Tourist, Division 20
  • Flytzanis, Konstantinos: AQ 4X50MR Medley Relay- Division M3
  • Georgiadis, Athanasios: AQ 4X50MR Medley Relay-Division M3
  • Gousios, Maria: CY Cycling 500M Time Trial- Division 04
  • Giousef, Christos: GY Male Pommel Horse- Division 14
  • Klampanis, Dimitrios: BC Bocce Singles- Division M11
  • Kotsifakis, Roussos: KT 200M Race Singles-  Division 30
  • Krinis, Charalampos: PL Male Dead Lift- Division M23
  • Kyrkoglou, Athanasios: EQ Equestrian Working Trails- Division 21,EQ Equestrian Team Relays (Two Members)- Division 1
  • Lera, Theodora: GY Rhythmic Hoop-Division 11J , GY Rhythmic Ball- Division 11C, GY Rhythmic Ribbon-Division 11E, GY Rhythmic All Around Division-11F
  • Nikolis, Konstantinos: CY Cycling 10K Road Race- Division 5
  • Patsis, Christofros, PL Male Squat Lift- Division M26, PL Male Combination All Lifts, PL Male Bench Press
  • Popa, Laurentiu Florin: PL Male Combination All Lifts – Division M7, PL Male Bench Press-Division M7, PL Male Squat Lift- Division M7, PL Male Dead Lift- Division M7
  • Remoundos, Konstantinos: KT 200M Race Singles Tourist- Division 90, KT 500M Race Singles Tourist- Division 40, KT 200M Race Doubles Tourist- Division 20
  • Rizkalla, Dimitrios: AQ 100M Backstroke- Division M6,  AQ 4X50MR Medley Relay- Division M3
  • Symeonidou, Iliana: GY Rhythmic Ball- Division Level2F, GY Rhythmic Ribbon-  Division Level2E
  • Toulikas, Dimitris: AT 5000M Run- Division 7
  • Triantis, Athanasios: PL Male Dead Lift- Division M2, PL Male Squat Lift- Division M2
  • Tsigantes, Nikolaos: KT 500M Race Doubles Tourist- Division 20
  • Vermisoglou, Flora: GY Rhythmic All Around- Division Level2D, GY Rhythmic Ball- Division Level2E, GY Rhythmic Clubs- Division Level2E, GY Rhythmic Ribbon-Division Level2G , GY Rhythmic Hoop Division Level2G,
  • Vouzounerakis, Georgios: AQ 4X50MR Medley Relay, Division M3
  • (Men) Football 7-Aside Team, Division 7M1


  • Basha, Kalida: BD Badminton Doubles- Division WDGroup3,
  • Chatziemmanouil, Chrysanthi: EQ Equestrian Dressage-Division 3
  • Chondrogiannis, Panagiotis: AT Shotput-Men 4 Kg- Division M10
  • Daskalakis, Konstantinos: KT 500M Race Singles Tourist- Division 30, KT 500M Race Doubles Tourist- Division 20
  • Grammatikos, Vasileios: CY Cycling 10K Road Race- Division 5
  • Kalliontzi, Victoria: AQ 100M Backstroke- Division F6
  • Kansizoglou, Despoina: BD Badminton Doubles- Division WDGroup3
  • Katsoudi, Vasiliki: AT 800M Run-Division 06
  • Kostoglou, Nikolaos: BO Bowling Singles- Division M5
  • Kotsifakis, Roussos: KT 500M Race Doubles- Division 20
  • Lera, Theodora: GY Rhythmic Rope- Division 11D
  • Makentoudis, Konstantinos: PL Male Combination All Lifts-Division M25, PL Male Dead Lift-Division M25, PL Male Bench Press- Division M25, PL Male Squat Lift- Division M2
  • Markidi, Faidra:  AQ 50M Butterfly- Division F2
  • Nikakis, Ioannis: CY Cycling 2K Time Trial- Division 3
  • Nikolis, Konstantinos: CY Cycling 15K Road Race- Division 4
  • Parousis, Theologos: BD Badminton Singles- Division MSG19,BD Badminton Doubles- Division MDGroup3
  • Psarakis, Georgios: BC Bocce Singles- Division M18
  • Pylarinos, Georgios: BD Badminton Doubles- Division MDGroup3
  • Riganakos, Georgios: CY Cycling 5K Time Trial- Division 6
  • Symeonidou, Iliana: GY Rhythmic Hoop-Division Level2E, GY Rhythmic Clubs- Division Level2E
  • Theodoridou, Anastasia: GY Rhythmic Clubs- Division Level2G, GY Rhythmic Ball- Division Level2F
  • Triantafyllou, Konstantinos: BO Bowling Doubles- Division M5
  • Triantis, Athanasios: PL Male Bench Press-Division M2, PL Male Combination All Lifts-Division M2
  • (Women) 7-A-side football team division 7F1
  • (Women) Basketball team- Division TF.01 Medal


  • Basha, Kalida: BD Badminton Singles- Division WSG12
  • Choudalakis, Dimitrios  KT 500M Race Singles Tourist- Division 70
  • Exarchopoulos, Antonios: KT 500M Race Singles Tourist- Division 10
  • Flytzanis, Konstantinos: AQ 1500M Open Water Swim-Division 06
  • Georgiadis, Athanasios: AQ 100M Backstroke- Division M4
  • Grammatikos, Vasileios: CY Cycling 5K Time Trial- Division 5
  • Kokkoris, Michalis: AQ 1500M Open Water Swim- Division 12
  • Kyrkoglou, Athanasios: EQ Equestrian Dressage- Division 21
  • Markidi, Faidra:  AQ 50M Breaststroke- Division F4
  • Petrakis, Aris: EQ Equestrian Dressage- Division , EQ Equestrian Working Trails- Division 2
  • Pylarinos, Georgios: BD Badminton Singles- Division MSG11
  • Riganakos, Georgios:  Cycling 10K Road Race- Division 7
  • Symeonidou, Iliana: GY Rhythmic All Around-Division Level 2D
  • Theodoridou, Anastasia: GY Rhythmic Ribbon-Division Level2E, GY Rhythmic Hoop- Division Level2E
  • Trianti, Maria Ioanna: PL Female Squat Lift- Division F1
  • Tzathas, Ilias: AT 200M Run- Division 44
  • Zarkadakis, Vyron-panagiotis: CY Cycling 10K Time Trial- Division 4
  • (Men) Basketball Team- Division TM.01 MedalA
  • (Men) Handball- Division Men_2

You can track the Greek athletes’ complete results here.

The games will conclude this Sunday, August 2.