Comedian Seth Meyers Calls on Germans to Cut Greek Debt

seth-meyersComedian Seth Meyers explained the Greek debt crisis and the standoff between Europe and Greece to his American audience in a new segment that he likes to call “Up S#!%’s Greek,” during the “Late Night Show with Seth Meyers.” The comedian described the situation as a problem without solution.

“There are two major players in this current saga: Germany, a country known for precision, order and adherence to rules, and Greece, a country known for yogurt, tax evasion and big fat weddings. These two countries sharing a currency is like Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri sharing a kitchen – it was never going to work,” said Meyers using his humor to explain the difficult situation.

Then he made reference to the financial support that Greece has received over the past five years and the cuts that caused the Greek economy’s downfall, which has been unable to recover, despite foreign aid.

Furthermore, Meyers’ segment would not be complete without a reference to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, “a combatted politician who also moonlights as Greece’s Voldemort.”

“Tsipras held a referendum to let the Greek people vote on whether they wanted to accept the deal. The Greeks voted ‘No’ but unfortunately just because a country votes not to pay back their debts, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to pay back their debts”, Meyers joked.

“This cycle has to stop. The Greeks deserve plenty of criticism for how they run things but you lend them the money. Have some sympathy for the elderly who can’t get medicine and the young people who are suffering through youth unemployment of over 60%. Now, I understand that most Germans are against forgiving Greek debt because they think Greeks are lazy, but remember after World War II, the Allies wrote off the German’s debt, and need I remind you, that in World War II the Germans were way worse than just lazy,” the comedian stated.

In the end, Meyers noted that Greece currently owes around 400 billion euros and urged Germany to reduce the country’s debt to 200 billion euros and request the first installment after 30 years. ”It’s just money and without Greece we wouldn’t have democracy, Zeus or … Yanni,” he said. “I don’t want to live in a world without Yanni!”


  1. Good segment except he blew it when he said the Oxi vote meant Greeks refused to pay back their debt……that sorta comment is what fans the flames of intolerance, and Greeks have already been misrepresented badly enough in this whole news ‘cycle’

  2. Germany only “ows”25% of the Greek debt, the other 75% by the other euromembers, mr. Meyers has ot do his homework again.

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