Greek Tsipouro Distellery Opens in New Jersey


Despite the fact that the Greek-American family business, “Lazy Eye Distillery” still persists in the virtues of old, pride, patience, hard work and tradition, according to their site, it does not hesitate to urge worldwide Greek tsipouro fans to choose the new impatient way to sin sipping from the famed 14th century elixir, first introduced by Greek monks, inside their second earthly paradise in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Kafkalas family, inspired by their grandparents and a trip to their homeland, Greece, has decided to continue the tradition of fermenting scrupulously selected tasty grapes and distilling small batches in pot stills, with the aim to offer to the world a drink that pays tribute to the ‘Greek Spirit’ of their parents and grandparents, tsipouro, or raki as it is called in southern Greece.

With just a visit to their legally licensed distiller’s second store in New Jersey, visitors have now one more opportunity to choose among the family’s flagship product “Lazy Eye Vodka,” the “Lazy Eye Special” cocktail, which is created using gluten-free vodka and of course, “Lazy Eye Rakii,” the famous spirit of the Greek south that can be tasted neat, chilled or on the rocks according to your mood.



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