$70K Bronze Statue of Greek God Talos Vandalized in Portland

Talos Portland

A man is facing felony charges for vandalizing a prominent bronze sculpture depicting the Greek mythological god Talos in downtown Portland, Oregon, on Thursday morning.

Trevor Lee Van was arraigned in court on Wednesday to explain to the authorities the reason he toppled and destroyed the $70,000 modern art statue, titled “Talos No.2.”

The sculpture of the giant Greek figure, known for protecting the Greek island of Crete from hostile invasions, weighed approximately 600 pounds and it was 7 feet tall.

Created by American artist James Lee Hansen and first funded by TriMet and the U.S. Department of Transportation, the artifact has been on display in Southwest 6th Avenue and Stark Street of downtown Portland since 1977.

The suspect seems to have climbed to the top of the sculpture shaking it until it was finally damaged, Regional Arts and Culture Council public art’s manager Kristin Calhoun revealed. However, she reassured that the RACC will cooperate with the artist in order to repair the damage and for this reason she urges people to make donations at www.racc.org/donate.