Greek-American Hears Again After Breakthrough Surgery

Tampa man

Weeks after undergoing a breakthrough surgery to implant bionic ears at Tampa General Hospital (TGH), 47-year-old Greek-American D.C. Goutoufas is finally able to hear the voices of his family once again.

Goutoufas had recently decided to try bionic ears. After his meeting with Dr. Kayla Wilkins of Tampa Bay Hearing and Balance Center, the cochlear implant was successfully activated, however he will have to remain a patient for approximately two more years to enjoy the full affects of this special device.

The very first words that Goutoufas heard were his 17-year-old daughter Olivia’s: “I love you.” Dr. Wilkins proud of her patient’s accomplishments, said: “You have been deaf since you were four, this is a big deal.”

Katie Goutoufas had previously commented that her husband’s difficult journey on this special mission was fueled by his will to hear his daughter’s voice.