Greek-American Businesswoman Offers Free Meals to Those in Need


Greek-American Eleni Fotidou owns “Zorba” restaurant in Virginia Beach. A few days ago, while working at her restaurant, she came across a man looking for something to eat around the dumpster. She felt heartbroken.

As a proud Greek, Fotidou made it her mission to help the man, as well as anyone else in need in the area. “No one is allowed to go to bed starving in 2015,” she said. The restaurant owner offered the man some food but he declined and looked rather upset.

Since then, she has taken action. Fotidou spoke with her employees to let them know that they should provide food for people in need. She hang signs around the trashcans inviting people who don’t have enough money to come inside and ask for a warm meal.

Soon, her kind gesture went viral, and now just a few people are seen looking through the restaurant’s trash. “One hungry person is a hungry person too many,” the Greek-American businesswoman noted.

“Greece is the home of hospitality. We learn to do that. In Greece we are all big families. We always help each other, love each other,” she added.