Greek Car ‘Pony’ Presented at Harvard University

pony-carThe Greek economic forum was held at Harvard University Campus, Massachusetts from May 11 to 15, supported by Harvard College Hellenic Society and the Hellenic Association of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), with the participation of several great scientific speakers.

The successful event included more than fifty delegates, who developed innovative proposals with extensive analyses, ideas and ways for Greece to become a truly modern country and return to growth as quickly as possible, increase investments and reduce unemployment, exit the financial crisis and market introversion.

“In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, there are limited time margins. Greece has the obligation to overcome itself and become a modern country by moving forward with steady steps. Now is the time to take an active part in the global economic developments and represent the national need for a new sustainable and reformed protocol. In order to have a new model of our society and country, a new national and socioeconomic roadmap for Greece’s future is needed,” noted the Greek economic forum organizers.

Furthermore, one of the forum’s most interesting presentation was Namco’s proposal with its legendary car, the Pony. The company’s international trade director, Ioannis Roussis, presented the Greek car with the help of Namco president Petros Kontogouris, who could not be present at the forum unfortunately and had to make his presentation through Skype.

Pony, Namco’s light-passenger-utility car, was first introduced at the Thessaloniki International Fair in the 1970s. According to German media, it was a car “so ugly, it’s beautiful.” In September 2014, it was announced that Namco was planning to reintroduce the Pony to the market.