12th San Francisco Greek Film Festival Wraps

xeniaPanos Koutras’ “Xenia” and Spiros Charalambous’ “Forever Young” (“Den tha gerasoume pote”) received the Astron awards at the San Francisco Greek Film Festival. Greek actor Kostas Nikouli was overjoyed since his first appearances on the big screen were in both films.

Koutras’ film, which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival a year ago, was well-received by the San Francisco Greek Film Festival audience for its originality, directness, audacity and clear view of today’s social issues. “Xenia” was followed by Pantelis Voulgaris’ “Little England” (the festival’s closing film and Greece’s formal proposal for the Oscars) and Yorgos Tsemberopoulos’ “The Enemy Within.”

Meanwhile, “Forever Young,” which provided Greek actress Vana Pefani with the chance to give one of the best cinematic performances of her career, is a short film full of truths, dreams and poetry, exploring the loss of a person’s innocence. Charalambous was present at the festival’s closing ceremony and personally received the award.

The 13th San Francisco Greek Film Festival has been scheduled to take place next year and the organizers hope they will be able to present more films and offer directors more opportunities to express themselves through their work.