Greek-American Helps Authorities Deal With Chaos in Baltimore

kaliope-parthemosWhile rioting is ongoing in Baltimore, authorities and institutions are trying to control the situation, while seeking to meet demands of African-American protesters. Greek-American Kaliope Parthemos is on the front lines of these efforts as a member of the Mayor’s office, whose duties include the coordination of Baltimore’s Fire and Police Departments.

However, the 43-year-old Greek-American is a rather popular public figure in Baltimore for other reasons as well. Kaliope Parthemos is part of the strong Greek community in Maryland. Thanks to her success and demanding duties the popular lawyer is perceived as a highly attractive and dynamic woman.

Five years ago, she attracted media attention when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the age of 39 the Greek-American woman was preparing to fight for her life, during a pre-electoral campaign. When the news of her condition spread, no one believed that she would be able to perform her duties, and even worse no one believed that she could win her battle with cancer.

However, she proved everyone wrong and in 2011, Kaliope Parthemos was invited to participate in a charity fashion show, to raise funds for the treatment of breast cancer.

Even though she was born in the United States, Parthemos has developed strong ties with Greece. She attended a Greek school and later became a symbol for the city’s so-called Greek Town, winning the elections with 78% of the votes. Meanwhile, she has also developed a strong relationship with the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), always staying in touch with her Greek roots.