Archimedean Upper Conservatory Among Top 20 High Schools in the US

The Archimedian Acadamy in Miami, FL
The Archimedian Acadamy in Miami, FL

The Archimedean Upper Conservatory, a charter school focusing on Greek studies in Miami, was ranked the 16th most challenging high school in USA according to an index published by The Washington Post.

In addition, 22% of the graduating class was accepted at the top 10 universities in the nation, a figure that equals, or exceeds the top established private schools in Miami.

The Archimedean Upper Conservatory is a public school that aims to initiate young minds into the art of thinking through the teaching of Mathematics, the Greek Language, and Philosophy. The school’s curriculum includes a 3 year philosophy program, a study of Mathematics in Greek and English, and a rigorous second-language course in Greek.

The formula is working at Archimedean, which now teaches through the high school level and is rated one of Florida’s top schools and successful enough that there’s a waiting list of more than 1,000 students – most not of Greek heritage.

The index score (see chart below) is the number of college-level tests given at a school in the previous calendar year divided by the number of graduates that year.

America’s most challenging high schools according to The Washington Post – See full chart here.

Besides instilling self-discipline in students, Archimedean requires them to take classes 2 ½ hours a day in Greek – not just Greek, but other subjects, and it’s a wonderment to see students not from Greek American households conversing in Greek in the corridors and classrooms, and coming to school on Saturdays to participate in projects, a role model for schools around the country.

Additionally, since 2011 Archimedean Middle Conservatory is also nationally recognized as a Blue Ribbon School. The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools where students perform at very high levels or where significant improvements are being made in students’ academic achievement.

As a charter school, Archimedean doesn’t charge tuition but receives state assistance as a public school open to students who can get in.

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