Boston Welcomes 'Austerity'; Thought-Provoking Film About The Greek Crisis

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The new, perplexing short film “Austerity,” inspired by the public, mindful and motivated suicide of retiree Dimitris Christoulas at Syntagma Square in downtown Athens, Greece, on the morning of April 4, 2012, will be screened on May 14 inside the Bright Family Screening Room of The Paramount Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Although the film’s inspiration is almost exclusively encouraged by factual incidents, it is not really based on the retiree’s actual life. This intriguing short film, a product of serious thought and work by young filmmaker Renos Gavris, promises to be the most comprehensive take on the current Greek financial crisis and its effects on people’s personal life.

“Through this fictional story inspired by real events, I aim to raise awareness on the personal dramas of the everyday people and their trials within these financially difficult times. Hopefully the audience will empathize and understand the hardships caused by the depression and enforced regulations such as the austerity measures, which are completely out of the common citizen’s control,” Gavris explained in reference to the aim of his ambitious creation.

Embrace your vulnerability exposed to the feelings of compassion and kindness during a marvelous story about the preservation of self-esteem and mental strength being tested in times of harsh austerity.

A film by Renos Gavris (15 mins)
Thursday, May 14 at 6:00pm
Bright Family Screening Room, The Paramount Center, Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts
The event is free and open to the public