Greek Defense Minister Meets With Archbishop Demetrios of America

panos-kammenos“Greece could be a constant factor in the region, ensuring peace, but also the free world’s interests,” said Greek National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos after his meeting with Archbishop Demetrios of America at the offices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in Manhattan.

“I came here to receive the blessing of His Eminence, to thank him for the honor to be invited as the Greek Minister of National Defense to attend the events of Greek Independence Day. To thank him not only for his spiritual work, which he has demonstrated over the years, but also for his help during these difficult times for our nation, with his presence in the White House, the US government, the authorities and the promotion of Greek interests,” said Kammenos.

“I want to ask for his blessing and assure him that the government will do everything it can regarding the Greek-American relations,” he added.

Archbishop Demetrios thanked the Greek Minister for representing the Greek government and Greece in the numerous Greek Independence events that took place across New York.

“He witnessed himself how people here see Greece and how they embrace Greek representatives,” he said.

“Despite the great difficulties Greece is facing at the moment, there is a strong spirit of optimism and certainty that any difficulty can be overcome because we are not new in this world,” he added.

Kammenos represented the government in all the Greek Diaspora events to commemorate March 25. His meeting with Archbishop Demetrios of America was the last on his schedule.