Athenians’ Society of New York Organizes 2nd Hellenic Diaspora Writers Book Expo

Second Book ExpositionThe Greek Diaspora wealth does not only stem from successful entrepreneurs and respected personalities but also from the people who involved themselves with letters, art, education and culture, striving daily to keep all those elements that preserve the national, cultural and historical heritage of the Greeks alive.

In this context and in order to commemorate the Greek Independence Day, the Athenians’ Society of New York organized the Second Book Expo of Hellenic Writers of the Diaspora. The Athenians’ Society of New York dedicated the Expo to all those who under Ottoman occupation preserved the Greek language, traditions and religion for 400 years.

Hundreds of books for every age were presented during the event, while speakers made references to people who gave their own battle for knowledge on cultural and historical issues. The Expo took place last Sunday, March 22, at Petros Patrides Cultural Center of St. Demetrios Cathedral in Astoria.

The event was attended by a large crowd and four publishing houses. Greek-American writers read excerpts from their works, mostly touching stories and memories of migratory adventures and historical events that intertwine with Greek-American relations.

Athenians’ Society of New York president Panos Adamopoulos spoke about the Society’s charity and cultural work, stressing the excellent cooperation of its members and the spirit of trust, which is a driving force for their contribution to the Greek Diaspora and their homeland.


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