Indiana Senator Blocks Greek Independence Day Resolution; Upsets Greek-Americans

Senator Coats is blocking a Senate resolution for Greek Independence.

U.S. Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) has placed a hold on the 30th consecutive passing of a U.S. Senate resolution honoring Greek Independence Day. The Senator’s stance has managed to upset Greek-Americans throughout the country.

The American Hellenic Institute (AHI), a non-profit Greek American think tank, sent a letter today to U.S. Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) expressing disappointment for his action to place a hold on S.Res.105, a resolution recognizing the 194th anniversary of the independence of Greece and celebrating democracy in Greece and the United States and keeping the U.S. Senate from passing the resolution.

The senator is holding the resolution based upon comments made by Greece’s Minister of Defense Panos Kammenos.

“We are extremely disappointed that Senator Dan Coats has taken such drastic action to express concern about the minister’s flippant comment,” AHI President Nick Larigakis said.

“Greece’s contributions to the security interests of both the United States and NATO are quite clear and evident. Our letter details Greece’s unwavering commitment to United States security policy and should alleviate any concern the senator has about it.”

Larigakis added, “We urge the Greek American community to contact Senator Coats today and urge him to let S.Res.105 pass.”

The Indiana Senator had sent earlier a letter to Christos Panagopoulos, Ambassador of Greece to the United States, expressing concern about the statements made by Panos Kammenos, the Minister of Defense of Greece.

Earlier this month, Minister Kammenos warned Greece’s European Union partners that Greece would issue travel documents to thousands of illegal immigrants now held in Greek detention centers unless Greece’s economic demands are met.

In his letter to Ambassador Panagopoulos, Coats wrote, “I believe it is in your interest as well as ours that you or another senior spokesman of the Greek government publicly comment on those threatening statements and clarify whether they reflect current policy or thinking within your government. With such clarification, I hope I will be able to support the Senate resolution regarding Greek independence and our shared democratic traditions.”

The American Hellenic Institute encourages the community, especially the Greek American community of Indiana, to contact U.S. Senator Dan Coats’ office, and urge the senator to remove his hold on S.Res.105.


  1. I support Sen Coats! It’s ridiculous that Greece is threatening the rest of the EU with this blackmail attempt. All Greece has to do is respond to the worthy questions asked by the Senator, and they would get this ridiculous confirmation that Greece actually matters to people…but no. As always Greece wants whatever they want, like spoiled children.

    • Blackmail? What make you think that even if Greece leave the euro or even goes bankrupt that it will cause a catastrophic event? Lol, Wake up you idiots.!! The creditors are making a shit load of money from Greece’s debt.

  2. When are deluded Greek leftists going to finally figure out American government are virulently anti-Greek? The anti-Greek bigots all downplay Skopian’s change into founders of the Hellenistic period to hide their mistake of recognizing Skopjan propagandists as “Macedonians”.

    • The reason why Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) may be anti-Greek is because Greece is trying to blackmail the European Union and ultimately the rest of the world (International Monetary Fund).

        • hankz

          What a bunch of nonsense. If you don’t approve of Greece and the Greek mafia plans then you are against the Greek state. America and Turkey are fighting against Islamic extremists by the way genius.

          • Ok then how come Turkish military blocked Syrian Kurds access into Turkey due to ISIS bombing!

          • Rest assured anything “The Turkish Natioanlist” has to say about Greeks is negative. He’s unprincipled nationalist sophist that lectures other about ethics… then says nothing to condemn Islamofascist Erdogan.

          • Anyone that believes Islamofascist Erdogan motivations for fighting ISIS is about fighting religious extremism has no clue what they are talking about. He would be arming ISIS to fight Kurds and push Islam if it wasn’t for foreign pressure. No doubt the US quietly made it clear either he would fight ISIS or be lumped in with them. (as they did with Pakistani leadership after Afghans Taliban supported Al Qaeda)

            Any country or group that uses force against another one that doesn’t have bigger stick courts national suicide.

          • Turks along with the U.S. are financing IS, they sit back and watch while thousands of Christians are getting massacred.

      • your talking about Greece being a spoilt teenager, but yet Turkey sent a navel vessel to Cyprus because they found oil and gas, the s300 rockets which Cyprus purchased years ago were never allowed to be sent to cyprus because one of the worlds most powerful nation was scared of there rockets? lol look at your countries actions before you comment on others

        • The Turks are constantly causing trouble in the Aegean. There’s so much I could tell you that never even makes it on to the news. A bunch of low life troublemakers. Some things never change

          • Trust me I know it does really irritate me, yet if the Greeks were to fly over turkey on a daily basis they would probably start a war

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