Arson Suspected at Greek Nightclub Fire in Tarpon Springs

zorbas-fire-0318A popular Greek-owned nightclub in Tarpon Springs, Florida was destroyed by a fire on Wednesday morning. Authorities are currently investigating the fire, which is believed to be the result of arson.

Firefighters arrived at Zorbas nightclub early in the morning of March 18 to find the building engulfed in flames. Even though they were able to extinguish the fire, the interior was completely destroyed. Thankfully, no one was harmed since the nightclub was closed at the time.

The nightclub has been a part of Tarpon Springs nightlife for many decades. It had also been torched in the 1980s when it was owned by George Patides’ parents. “It just reminds me of what happened to my family in the early 1980s. That was preceded by threats of violence, even with guns and bats. It was a horrible thing,” he said to 10 News.

Meanwhile the new owners, Telly and Maria Fiouris believe that the fire was indeed a case of arson, since they have received threats in the past by other local patrons.

Numerous people arrived at the scene to witness the result of the fire for themselves. “Growing up in Tarpon Springs, this place has been here forever,” said Chris Alahouzos, Tarpon Springs resident.

Police are still investigating the case, therefore no further information has been released.


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