CNBC Urges Americans to Visit Greece

greek-tourismCNBC is urging people to visit Greece for their vacation, noting that while diplomatic relations between Athens and Europe are not good at the moment, Greece’s largest revenue continues to come from tourism. CNBC explores the Greek tourism prospects for 2015 noting that “a plunging euro could make it the perfect place for a vacation this year.”

Holly Ellyat, who wrote the article, also featured a statement by Christina Kalogera, director of the Greek National Tourism Organisation’s U.K. and Ireland office, who said that “we are very optimistic that 2015 will be another successful year for Greek tourism, as the hotel, restaurant and bar scene is booming, and we are seeing young entrepreneurs getting more actively involved with the tourism sector. There are new innovative products provided by hotels and multiple new restaurant and bar openings especially in Athens and Thessaloniki, so with the euro at an 11-year low, this is definitely the ideal time to visit Greece.”

Moreover, according to the World Tourism Organization, approximately 18 million tourists arrived in Greece in 2013, while the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) noted that the tourism industry yielded 28.3 billion for Greece (16.3% of GDP) in 2013.

CNBC also noted that tourism has not only helped the country’s economy but it has also provided 657,000 additional jobs.

On the other hand, however, the political upheaval has caused some damage. According to a BMI Research survey in February, “the continued economic pressures and high unemployment will constrain domestic tourism and outbound tourist departures considerably. That said, should Greece exit the euro, we would anticipate a surge in tourism numbers as the probable return to the drachma would make holidays in Greece attractively cheap.”