Princeton University Honors Greek Lyricist Lina Nikolakopoulou

lina-nikolakopoulouFamous Greek lyricist Lina Nikolakopoulou was present in two concerts organized in her honor in Astoria and Princeton University. During an interview Press Office of the Greek Permanent Representation to the UN and the Consulate General in New York she discussed about all the things, feelings and voices that help her unfold her thoughts and give her the right to dream.

Furthermore, she expressed her appreciation for the “collective experience of thousands of Greeks, who came to the U.S. at different times and under different conditions, to create new opportunities.”

She spoke of the things that inspire her to create images and ideas through lyrics, also speaking of the people who become stronger when faced with difficult situations and crises, resorting to poetry and the Hellenism that lies within them.

“I feel proud of the first immigrants who came here to establish new opportunities, not just for themselves,” she noted, adding that “I admire them because I don’t know if I could live away from Greece.”

Lina Nikolakopoulou stated that “songs are not just for entertainment, they are means to awaken the public,” adding that “Greek songs are a river that will never dry up.”

In regards to the Greek crisis, Nikolakopoulou stressed that since the elections people have been feeling calmer, “like the calm after a fight.” Moreover, she noted that she is not deluded. She knows how bad the situations is at the moment but she believes that “Greeks have the power to change the conditions provided they can find inspiration and support a goal that will make them feel proud.”

The first concert to honor Lina Nikolakopoulou took place on Saturday at the Chios House in Astoria, where the songwriter was also honored by the Columbia University Greek Studies program, in New York. The second concert took place on Monday at Princeton University in New Jersey, where the songwriter was once again honored by the university’s Greek Studies program.