Greek-American U.S. Congress Members Send Letter to Obama

barrack-obamaIn a letter addressed to U.S. President Barrack Obama, three Greek-American members of Congress stressed how important it is for the United States to stand by Greece in order to achieve development and economic prosperity.

Democrat Congress members Dina Titus, Representative for Nevada, Niki Tsongas, Representative for Massachusetts and John Sarbanes, Representative for Maryland noted in their letter to President Obama that it is important for the U.S. to stand by Greece’s side and use their influence, where possible, to help Greece create a new path to economic prosperity.

The letter is as follows:

“As Members of the Congressional Hellenic Caucus, we were encouraged to hear your comments in relation to assisting our ally Greece and helping their recently elected government craft and implement a new, pro-growth strategy. As you said, ‘You cannot keep on squeezing countries that are in the midst of depression. At some point, there has to be a growth strategy in order for them to pay off their debts to eliminate some of their deficits.’ You also correctly noted that austerity alone will not grow the Greek or European economies. We agree that there must be a new, more balanced approach to assisting Greece in the short-term and promoting economic growth throughout Europe as a whole.

Greece is a long-standing ally of the United States. We share a commitment to freedom and democracy; and our government is rooted in the same civic values developed in Ancient Greece. Furthermore, it is in our national security interest to see Greece succeed. The location of Greece in Europe makes it an important partner in engagement and dialogue with the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southwest Asia.

It is important that the United States stand by our longtime ally and use our influence where possible to assist Greece forge a new path toward economic prosperity. Facts, reason, and fairness call for open dialogue to foster inclusive reform and recovery in Greece and throughout Europe. It is to no one’s benefit if Greece fails and withdraws from the European Union. Your continued leadership can help in keeping the parties focused on their common interests and ensuring that Europe and Greece move forward together on a path of strength and stability.”


  1. USA risk additional damage to the transatlantic ties and alliance between USA and Europe if Obama does not stop his policy of annoying European taxpayers with his continued support to a country there has defaulted on it’s membership obligations, defaulted on it’s reform commitments there was the price for the biggest bailout in world history and failed Europe by showing pro russian policies at a time of Russian de facto war against Europe.

    This comes after damage to the transatlantic relationship due to:
    1) Obama having failed to give credible guarantees that US intelligence services are no longer conducting espionage against European Governments, European institutions, European corporations and European citizens
    2) Obame having withdrawn from a middle east in chaos due to failed US policies (US invasion of Iraq and US support for Israel) there was performed despite firm European objections and the fact that those areas border Europe. Seems to me, that the US withdrawal without having solved the problems created by USA is a clear violation of the alliance.

    As a free trade pro reform pro immigration pro European center voter and taxpayer in northern Europe do I say loud and clear:

    No to a FTA with USA unless USA gives significant concessions. It is obvious, that any US support to Greece in the Greek attempt to default on it’s EU memberstate commitments will increase the demands for concessions from USA if there is to be a transatlantic FTA.

    • What’s with your obsession with Greeks dude? I’m looking at your disqus history and your every post on every website is one rant after another against Greeks,

      Criticism is one thing but such obsessive one sided greek bashing is clearly racism. Its obvious you are an extreme nationalist with a nationalist agenda trying to disingenuously pawn your motives off as ethics.

      • I am actually a pro immigration pro reform pro fiscal responsible pro european center voter there is a member of a centerleft party currently part of the government coalition. That is not surprisingly since i am to the right in fiscal matters and supporting EU and immigration due to having a multiethnic marriage. Basically, as a danish citizen with a chinese wife, is it important to ensure we have a strong Europe since it could be necessary to migrate to another European country if the current opposition win the next general election and due to that implement some of the very anti-immigration policies and apartheid discrimination policies they have threatened against Danish-Asian and Danish-American couples.
        Well, lots of danes know my name and political viewpoints since i probably have the danish record in newspaper blog comments but those are not using discuss login and they are in danish. They are usually about:
        1) Defense of pro immigration policies in Denmark.
        2) Defense of fiscal responsible and pro reform policies in Denmark and funded reform proposals there can be used for improving danish competitiveness and long term fiscal health.

        The only reason I am not trying to run for parliament despite a huge political interest is the fact that i am having a good and interesting job in the private sector with the creation of new high tech manufacturing jobs in Europe in the Medical devices and pharmaceuticals sectors.

        Anyway, I am obviously opposed to Greece since:
        1) They are running anti-european policies with their pro russian policies at a time of russian de facto war against Europe
        2) They are fiscal irresponsible and they are trying to avoid the necessary reforms
        3) They have included rightwing anti-immigration politicians in their government.
        4) As a north european taxpayers do i not want to see my taxes spend on helping people fullfilling point 1,2 and 3.

        • You cut and paste these same alleged claims on other websites. Your obsessive ranting about greeks (on many websites) don’t match up to your claims dear. A bigot that lectures about ethics. Rich.

      • I couldn’t have agreed more! It’s like this guy is on a mission. It’s pathetic. All he does is talk trash about the Greeks. I tried leaving a few replies to those nasty comments he keeps writing but they never went through. Get a life bro. Do us a favor and move to China. I’m sure they will appreciate your racist BS there.

    • I agree with you 100%. Why does the world needs to give Greece money when Greece has become a failed state? I feel sad for the other European Union members because Greece is committing outright theft by asking for more money from other European Union member states and Greece is wasting that money.

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