Greek-American Filmmaker Screens Documentary at Boston University

photo, Lost in The Bewiderness“In the ancient Greek myths, when a baby is born, the three fates pay him a visit. They’ve come to hand him its own unique destiny, his lot in life. As kids we loved listening to these stories. Little did we know then that one such tale was about to unfold in our midst…” These are some of the intriguing phrases being used by Greek-American filmmaker Alexandra Anthony in the upcoming screening of her exciting feature documentary “Lost in the Bewilderness” in Boston, Massachusetts. The aforementioned phrases are the stepping stone of an ongoing mystery, full of extraordinary twists and surprises that will be “unwrapped” on February 13, sweeping everybody away in Room 101 of Boston University’s B.U. Cinematheque in an exciting lyrical meditation on childhood.

“Lost in the Bewilderness,” filmed for over twenty-five years, is about the personal “adventure” of the director’s cousin Lucas, who was kidnapped by his own mother at the age of five in Greece, and was finally found by his father eleven years after in Laurel, Maryland. Lucas, knowing nothing about his past and speaking no Greek, meets again with his Greek roots while his family is struggling to fill every single blank having to do with time and distance.

Anthony, dedicating her film to everybody who once felt “lost in the bewilderness,” has the genuine charisma of great narrative power transforming lovely images into deep emotions. Using popular themes of Greek ancient myths and tragedies, such as Oedipus, Perseus and Odysseus as her main inspiration, the independent filmmaker narrates her family story, offering a touching documentary of kindness, optimism and humanity, that shouldn’t be missed by anybody.


Lost in the Bewilderness” (2014), 97 minutes
February 13, 2015, 7:00 pm
B.U. Cinematheque (Boston University)
640 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 101, Boston, MA
The event is FREE to BU students, staff and the general public

Photo 3, Lost in the BewildernessPhoto 2, Lost in the Bewilderness