Greek-American CIA Whistleblower Released From Jail

john-kiriakouGreek-American former CIA analyst and case officer John Kiriakou was released on Tuesday, February 3, after spending two years in prison. Kiriakou, originating from the Greek island of Rhodes, was imprisoned for disclosing confidential documents to journalists, regarding CIA’s torture methods against suspected terrorists.

Kiriakou served in the CIA for fourteen years and had been an excellent officer receiving numerous awards and credentials. Seven years after his retirement, and specifically on January 25, 2013, he was sentenced to thirty months in jail because he admitted to breaching the Data Protection Act.

The former agent first spoke about the agency’s torture methods, such as waterboarding, on ABC News in 2007. He was the first CIA official with direct knowledge of the program to ever publicly admit this information.

In an interview, a year after he was sentenced, Kiriakou spoke about the case that led to his imprisonment, his family, his links with Greece and Hellenism, his service in Athens, Christodoulos Xeros, as well as the moral and financial support that certain Greek Diaspora members showed him.

He noted that he has always been proud to be Greek, and even more so now.

Kiriakou will serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest, as part of the lawyers’ agreement with the with the US Justice Department.


  1. Many things classed as illegal are ethical and not all legal are ethical.Kurakou originates from a country that gave birth to democracy.He propably broke the American law but not the law of ethics and decency.and as such i applaud him


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