Greek-American Organizes Anti-Smoking Campaign for Children

smoking A Greek-American entrepreneur has organized and funded an anti-smoking campaign in order to save children in Greece, according to an article published in the Greek Diaspora newspaper “The National Herald.”

The expat businessman and philanthropist who lives in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, George Behrakis, has embarked on a sacred and patriotic mission over the last years, trying to save children in Greece from deadly diseases associated with smoking.

Behrakis has spent more than ten million dollars in his campaign against smoking aimed at Greek students, in an effort to persuade them to quit or never to start smoking.

He has funded the writing, editing, publication and distribution of a series of books, entitled: “The truth about smoking. He incorporated his knowledge, and used his connections and assets in order to start the campaign. Over the years he has come in contact with the Harvard Public Health School in order to organize a lecture program for students.

Behrakis stressed, inter alia, that he is very impressed with Greek children because they are apt students with great knowledge.


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