Greek-American Football Player Found Dead; Suspected Suicide

kosta-karageorgeKosta Karageorge, a Greek-American footballer died at the young age of 22. Police suspect that his death might have been a suicide since his body was found in a dumpster next to a handgun.

During his football career at Ohio State University, Karageorge had suffered many concussions and police believe that his death might have been a result of the damages caused by the concussions.

In his final text message to his mother on Wednesday morning, Karageorge said he was sorry to be an embarrassment, explaining that the concussions had messed up his head. After that he went missing.

According to local news, the young footballer went for a walk on Tuesday and never returned. When he missed football practice the next day, he was reported missing. Police and students started looking for him but to no avail.

His body was eventually found on Sunday afternoon by a woman and her son who were digging around in containers. The young man’s body was identified by his tattoos.

“At this time, there’s a lot of questions that we’re still trying to work out,” said police officer Rich Weiner. “He was found inside of the dumpster, the handgun was found inside of the dumpster with him.”

OSU’s athletic department expressed their sorrow for the young man’s death. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Karageorge family, and those who knew him, during this most difficult time,” they wrote in an official statement.

Karageorge had been a wrestler for three years before joining OSU’s football team.