EDM Vocalist Collin McLoughlin Inspired by Dance Music in Greece

Photo Credit: Mandala Group
Photo Credit: Mandala Group

Electronic dance music (EDM) vocalist Collin McLoughlin, who sings the lead vocals on Dash Berlin’s “Here Tonight,” catches up with Markos Papadatos on his latest musical endeavors.

McLoughlin remarked, “Things have been good. I’ve been very busy working on different pop, writing and producing material. I am working with a lot of artists out in Los Angeles. It has been pretty great. I am excited for 2015. It’s going to be a big year for me.”

Dash Berlin’s We Are (Part 1) album reached No. 1 on the iTunes Dance charts and features the single “Here Tonight.” “That was great and I am glad that the album did well. I actually produced the acoustic version myself,” he said.

His social networks, Facebook and Twitter, have been growing exponentially with fans and followers. “That is pretty amazing,” he added.

Throughout his life, he did a study abroad in Greece, which was a wonderful experience for the musician and producer. “I absolutely loved Greece. That was one of the places where I was first exposed to electronic music as well. I remember ‘Stereo Love’ was the biggest song in Greece when I was there and it hadn’t come to America yet. It is still one of my favorite dance tracks ever made,” he said. “Greece really exposed me to electronic music for the first time, the hospitality is great, and the fans are passionate. I was still doing acoustic music when I went there, but after seeing the electronic music culture, hearing the music, and witnessing how people reacted to it, is what caught the bug for me over there.”

For more information on Collin McLoughlin and his upcoming events, check out his official website.