Greek Public Order Minister Kikilias Visits U.S.


Public Order Minister Vassilis Kikilias is on an official visit in the United States since Sunday evening. In Washington, he will attend a series of meetings with US government officials as well as the heads of the Security and Intelligence Departments.

“My visit to the United States and my scheduled meetings with the heads of the DNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence), the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), as well as officials from the White House and the State Department is a good opportunity for a comprehensive approach to security issues which have now become more international,” Kikilias said after his arrival in Washington. The Minister added that “our society’s security is under increasingly serious threats in terms of scale and degree of specialization. Many of the challenges we are facing today in the field of security are transnational and cross-sectoral. No country is able to deal with these threats by itself and this is where the value of cooperation between states and their services is based.”

Yesterday, he visited the CIA headquarters and met with the Department heads, as well as DNI officers and Lieutenant General James R. Clapper. At the Greek embassy, Kikilias also met with representatives of expatriates’ organizations.