Greek Delicacies in Harvard

harvard250 students and guests of Harvard University visited the amphitheater of Harvard School of Public Health in order to attend the lecture of Greek director and producer of the popular TV series “Cooking Odyssey” George Stamou and taste original Greek dishes.

The two-day event, organized by the prominent educational institution, was dedicated to Mediterranean and especially Greek diet. 43-year-old Stamou claimed that it was the right time for such a debate, as the Americans have realized the past’s nutritional mistakes.

Stamou stated it was a great honor that Harvard organized an event focusing on Greek diet and said that cooking is a long-lasting trend in the US, however, until 2010, Greek cuisine meant only one thing, mousaka.

It was then that Stamou and his collegues came up with a new concept that combined gastronomy with history and culture, which would promote Greece as a gastronomic destination. “Cooking Odyssey” was an instant success. Approximately 6 million people were watching the show in the first week of its release. In the second month, its fan base reached 9 million.

Many viewers visit the show’s website to congratulate the producers while others seek information on Greek destinations and recipes. Stamou claimed that the show helped break many stereotypes and myths of the Greek cuisine.

After the end of the two-day event, Harvard students and visitors were offered a basket with Greek olive oil, salt, marmelades and split peas.