Comedic Play On Ancient Greece Staged in Montana

comedy-about-ancient-greece-in-montana.w_lA recent play entitled “Once Upon A Time in Ancient Greece” won over crowds in Sidney, Montana, at the MonDak Heritage Center. Complete with murders, appeals to vengeance and mythical creatures, the play follows Stheno’s adventures as she undertakes a journey to free her headless sister Medusa from the underworld.

Embarking on her quest, Stheno encounters various celebrities of ancient Greek mythology: a less-than-heroic Hercules, Orpheus, the legendary musician whose music charms wild beasts, the ancient Greek goddess Athena, responsible for changing Stheno and Medusa into gorgons, as well as a surprisingly sympathetic Hades, lord of the underworld.

Nor would the play be complete without Cerberus, the underworld’s three-headed guard dog. Euryale, Stheno and Medusa’s neglected middle sister, rounded out the cast.

“Heidi Mudd, Jamie Parnell, and Paige O’Neill, the three actors tasked with portraying several different characters accomplished their roles with ease, bringing classic Greek mythology alive in a contemporary voice laced with a touch of California surfer boy attitude,” reviewed the local Sidney Herald.