Greeks Celebrate OPA! Day

OPADayFor the last few years, Greeks have been celebrating OPA! Day on Sept. 15.

The concept for OPA! Day began in 2008, and was started by The OPA! Way, a network that finds joy and meaning in everyday life that is uniquely inspired by Greek philosophy and culture.

Thinking it would be a great idea to have one day when people around the world focused on and celebrated Greek culture and the many contributions Greeks have made through the ages to quality of life, including Astronomy, Architecture, Art, Biology, Democracy, Drama, Food/Diet, Language, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Science, Sports, Theater, to name a few, The OPA! Way launched this special occasion in Rethymno, Crete, Greece on Sept. 15, 2010.

Now, it has become a global initiative, with people around the world celebrating Greek culture. Gathering in restaurants, tavernas, bars, stores, colleges, universities, and city centers around the world, people get together to enjoy Greek food, Greek drinks and Greek dancing.

Happy OPA! Day!