Greece Among Top 10 Anti-American Countries


According to a new survey conducted on a global level by Pew Research Center and published in the American newspaper New York Daily News, Greece ranks 6th on the list of countries that dislike America.

Forty four thousand people from 44 countries around the world participated in the survey. Greece was among the ten countries that are reluctant towards the U.S. In fact, the country was placed 6th with 63% of its population disliking the United States of America. The most anti-American people, according to the survey, are the Egyptians and Jordanians with 85%, followed by Turkey with 73%, Russia with 71% and the Palestinian Territories with 66%. In 7th place, after Greece, is Pakistan with 59%, Lebanon with 57%, followed by Tunisia and Germany with 47%.

On the other hand, the county that has the most favorable view of the USA is the Philippines with 92%, followed by Israel with 84%, South Korea with 82%, Kenya and El Salvador with 80%, Italy with 78%, Ghana with 77%, Vietnam and Bangladesh with 76%, Tanzania and France with 75%.


  1. Gee whiz, think this has anything to do with Henry Kissinger, support for the Junta and the resulting invasion of Cyprus???????

    • I suppose yes it did play a huge role.The Americans behaved badly in both.But we should always remember that the USA also helped Greece in the past.

      • True. But it is tough to forget. A strong gesture of reconciliation is needed from both sides.

  2. Considering the fact that I don’t have a favorable view of ANY of the countries that don’t like America it really isn’t an issue, haha. Well, Germany is OK but the only reason they don’t like us is because we didn’t let them take over the world.

    • So you took it over with the Allies. Why did the “noble” USA no help the world when the British and the French were taking over the world before WWII ?

      • The French and the British DIDN’T take over the world. Just like with Germany, America would have stepped in if it was absolutely necessary. What is funny is that you are complaining about America not stepping in before WW2 but I bet you also complain about Vietnam and Iraq.

        • Fully agree.Had not the Americans helped in the war today Europeans would be under Nazi rule.They deserve a big thank you.They sacrificed thousands of their citizens for the freedom of Europe.

      • As a Greek i love the Americans.They have upset us in the past but they also helped us.The favor needs a favor and still remains a favor.Not only i respect the Americans but i greatly admire them.too.

    • The USA is a model country for its own citizens and does provide more freedom than any there country to its own citizens to ACHIEVE their goals. I can state this enough and I respect the USA for it. On the other hand the US has a horrific track record on foreign policy and this has to be looked upon carefully as it roadblocks true leadership

  3. I bet the poll took place outside of the building of the Greek Communists Party, aka KKE :)

  4. For the longest time, there has been quite evident that Greece continues to suffer from millennia-old anti-Semitism, and, at least since the early 20th century, from an additional congenital anti-Americanism; to gather, two pathologies that are both irrational and self-destructive to the psychological health of that country. Indeed, given the foreseen and protracted financial crisis that the country appears unable and unwilling to treat, one may conclude that the people are condemned to live as inmates in an insane asylum, captives to demons that other observers view as objects of profound pity! For me, a native of Greece, but ever appreciative and grateful to live on blessed America — in my next life I shall be born Amerocan, foregoing entanglement with immigration — and as a survivor of the Holocaust of Greek Jewry, such described conditions of bigotry (also transplanted in hamlets of Greek concentration, Astoria, NY, most prominently), embarrassment and shame are frequent accompanied sentiments! It’s past time for Greeks to shed toxic misconception, to learn, baby learn, in order not to burn; to prosper and advance in tolerance, education, and communal progress! Prof Asher J Matathias, Woodmere, NY-USA

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