"Doing Business in Greece" Seminar at Temple University

Paul Kotrotsios
Businessman Paul Kotrotsios

Greece has a competitive economy in the European Union. Its access to the sea and gateway to Europe is ideal for businesses looking to expand in this geographical region. On July 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the Trade and Investment Seminar hosted by Hermes Expo International, in cooperation with the City of Philadelphia and the U.S. Commercial Service of Philadelphia, will be held at the Fox Board Room on the 3rd floor of the Temple University’s Fox School of Business (1801 Liacouras Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6038).

Thessaloniki, Greece and Philadelphia share a Memorandum of Understanding since 2000, resulting in a free exchange of ideas and goods between the two cities. Exports totaled 64 million dollars in 2008 from Philadelphia to Greece.

Mr. Paul Kotrotsios, a dynamic international businessman and philanthropist, together with his network of family and friends, catapulted Hermes Expo International into a catalyst role in building these business relationships.

Hermes International Expo has another unique goal: building the ‘American Pavilion’ at the HELEXPO in the 79th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), September 6-14, 2014. Mr. Andreas Daroudis, Director of Exhibitions, stated “TIF is a trade and consumer exhibition with more than eight hundred exhibitors and 200,000 visitors which gives each country the opportunity to have a coherent presentation through its products and commercial capacities to the business world, as well as to make its culture and civilization known to the public.”

Thessaloniki is the unofficial capital of the Balkans with a significant outward trade flow. A jewel coveted by all nations for centuries, Thessaloniki has trade relations with Europe, Asia and America.

The July 10 Seminar’s aim is to discuss trade opportunities and Hermes Expo International’s participation in the September 2014 International Fair. Panelists include: The Honorable Christos Panagopoulos, Ambassador of Greece to the USA; Tony Ceballos, Director, Philadelphia U.S. Export Assistance Center; Carol Brooks-Bryant, Manager of Business Services, Dept. of Commerce, Philadelphia.

To learn more visit: Hermesexpo.com.