Fundraiser for Injured Anthony Michaelides


A Crowdrise fundraiser has been organized for the critically injured Greek-American motorcyclist Anthony Michaelides

Michaelides, 25, had a tragic motorcycle accident in Los Angeles on Father’s Day, June 15. He was driving on the freeway when he lost control of his motorcycle, hit the guard rail, and fell from a height of 100 feet. After the accident he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. According to his family, the 25-year-old man does not have health insurance and the medical costs for his recovery are unaffordable. 

Michaelides was born in New York and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream as a guidance counselor. He obtained his master’s degree from the University of New York in Guidance Counseling. He founded the “Dream Tree” in Los Angeles, an organization which aims to inspire young people and boost their creativity to enable them chase their dreams. According to his family and friends, Antony Michaelides is a very sweet and loving person who likes to help other people and wants to guide young people toward a great future. 

The crowdrise fundraiser that has been set up to help Michailides and his family pay his medical bills aims to raise 500,000 dollars. So far about 45,000 dollars have been raised.

For more information or to donate visit Crowdwise