Greek Scientist Behind ‘Sex Algorithm’

papadimitriouThe acclaimed diaspora scientist Christos Papadimitriou, professor in the Department of Computer Science, University of California-Berkeley, discovered a “sex algorithm” that explains the evolution of genes with a revolutionary point of view.

The Greek scientist claims that nature plays with genes in the same way that an investor “plays” the stock exchange. Indeed, the two “players” in this game follow the same successful strategy, “bet” as much as possible on genes or shares.

This “sex algorithm” attempts to show how sex allows genes to recombine into a new body, that in conjunction with natural selection in the environment, creates an ever greater variety of life. Sex has always been a paradox for scientists as it allows the recombination of genes between the two parents, sometimes leading to the creation of good genes while others at the creation of “bad” genes.

According to Papadimitriou, “genes have a preference for a 50-50 distribution rather than a 90-10 distribution. If we use a gambling analogy, genes don’t want to go all-in. They want to hedge their bets. Even if there is an extremely successful genetic trait, evolution doesn’t want to let the genes for the other traits go extinct in case they’re needed later.”

The new scientific approach says that nature is acting like a prudent investor: there is always a relatively evenly distributed investment in several genes (shares) and a constantly updated share or gravity of each gene, depending on changes in the natural environment (markets).