Greek-American CNN Producer Injured in Anti- World Cup Riots

Barbara Arvanitidis was injured during a protest in Sao Paolo Brazil on Thursday
Photo Credit: @BenTavener

A CNN crew and its Greek-American producer, Barbara Arvanitidis, were injured after Brazilian police fired tear gas and stun grenades at a protest against the World Cup on Thursday just hours before the opening of soccer tournament.

CNN Reporter Shasta Darlington was on air when chaos erupted and her producer, Barbara Arvanitidis, was hit by one of the canisters.

Although the majority of the country is in a festive mood, protests erupted on the streets of Brazil’s largest city on Thursday before the opening of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Protesters voicing opposition to Brazil’s spending on the World Cup were dispersed by the Police who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets with many protesters and journalists reportedly injured.

Here is what Arvanitidis wrote on her twitter account after she was taken to a hospital:

Watch video below of the stun grenade attack that injured Arvanitidis: