New Documentary on Golden Dawn’s Chapter in NYC


Greek-American director Richard Ledes released “Golden Dawn, NYC,” a documentary film about the neo-Nazi party in Greece known as Golden Dawn and how the New York City Greek Community is confronting it.

The short film offers an in-depth look at what the Greek community in New York City is thinking and doing about the rise in Greece of one of the most virulent neo-Nazi parties in Europe, Golden Dawn. Polls indicate that Golden Dawn has grown into Greece’s third largest political party since the 2008 economic crisis.

Richard Ledes decided to find out what the Greeks of New York City thought about the extraordinary rise of the party.

“I further place what is going on in Greece in terms of the price paid by Americans a few generations ago to eradicate Nazism,” said the Greek-American director.

GOLDEN DAWN, NYC combines on-the-street interviews at the Greek Independence parade with conversations with religious leaders, activists, heads of national organizations, the judiciary, intellectuals and members of the media. Watch the film below:

“Greece is known as the cradle of democracy, Greeks suffered terribly under Nazi occupation, and yet Greece has become fertile ground for Nazism. This has taken place in the wake of the 2008 global economic crisis and the austerity program that Europe continues to impose as its cure,” wrote Ledes in a statement.

“I wanted to do a documentary on the neo-Nazi party in Greece known as Golden Dawn. I was able to get the collaboration of a number of prominent figures in the Greek community who agreed to be interviewed.”

The film provides Ledes’ vivid and engaging set of connections about what is happening in Greece, how some members of the Greek community in New York are confronting this rise and what needs to be done.

Richard Ledes is a prize-winning filmmaker known for “Fred Won’t Move Out”, starring Elliot Gould and Fred Melamed and “The Caller” (2008). “Foreclosure”, a horror film by Ledes has been picked up by distributor Virgil Films and is coming out this Fall.


  1. A few weeks ago was the 95 year anniversary of the Pontian genocide. In the year 1919, on May 19th a wave of persecutions, terror, deportations, rapes, the burning of villages and murders of Pontian Greeks took place at the hands of the Turks who were led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Since then, 353,000 Greek souls seek vindication! Golden Dawn will never forget! In the United States Golden Dawn New York condemns the traitors and janissaries of the “Greek Lobby” and their phony patriotism. AHEPA, HALC (Hellenic American Leadership Council), “Hellenic Initiative” and the various other groups backing the Samaras-Venizelos Junta not only condemn Golden Dawn,  they actually work directly with Jewish lobbies who refuse to recognize the Pontian Genocide on an international level and back Turkish geopolitical interests. It is important not to forget that these these people are working day and night to destroy any national memory the Greeks of the diaspora have left and to replace it with a kind of commercialized,  plastic Greek flag waving “Patriotism” loyal only to Zionist interests. True nationalism represented by Golden Dawn is rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Forward always Forward.

    • Yes, let’s be trapped by blind grudge matches to the eternal detriment of mankind. To forgive, is Divine.

      • Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
        Erdogan made the following statement:


        The Venizelos-Samaras Junta is rewarding Erdogans arrogant Islamist behaviour by building a mosque for illegal muslim immigrants in Athens on Turkish Prime Minister Erdogans request.

        Have you forgotten that 37% of Cyprus, an island with 4000 years of Hellenic history, which was first settled 2000BC by Mycenean Greeks, is occupied by the Turkish army, after the brutal Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Have you forgotten the Imia crisis in 1996, & the 3 Greek military officers that were killed when Turkish special forces shot down their helicopter (which neither side officially admits). Are you aware that Turkish warplanes and naval vessels have become increasingly aggressive. The Turkish navy in particular has been cruising deep inside Greek territorial waters recently and frequently, & the Turkish airforce has been flying over the Greek islands. Are you aware that the Turkish government is stirring separatist ambitions amongst muslims living in the Greek state of Thrace that borders Turkey, which might lead to a possible Kosovo style civil war or serve as a pretext for a Turkish invasion of Greece to “liberate” the muslim minority of Thrace. The Turkish consulate is already supporting local muslims who are calling for a independent Thrace and last year Golden Dawn produced a photo in Greece’s parliament of a muslim PASOK politician posing in front of a flag of Independent Thrace. All we hear about from organizations like AHEPA, & Hellenic American Leadership Council, Hellenic Initiative (HALC), is the potential positive economic impact of attracting more Turkish tourists to Greece. Here’s a short account of their Turkish ancestors visit to the Island of Chios which the Turkish airforce and navy threatens today.

        A Turkish fleet under the Kapudan Pasha Nasuhzade Ali Pasha arrived on the island on 22 March 1822. They quickly pillaged and looted the town. Orders were given to burn down the town, and over the next four months, an estimated 40,000 Turkish troops, including convicts, arrived. In addition to setting fires, the troops were ORDERED TO KILL ALL INFANTS UNDER THREE YEARS OLD, ALL MALES 12 YEARS AND OLDER, AND ALL FEMALES 40 AND OLDER EXCEPT THOSE WILLING TO CONVERT TO ISLAM. Approximately three-quarters of the population of 120,000 were killed, enslaved or died of disease. It is estimated that 2,000 people remained on the island after 21,000 managed to flee, 52,000 were enslaved and 52,000 massacred. Tens of thousands of survivors dispersed throughout Europe and became part of the Chian Diaspora.

        • It is no that he and others like himself, does not remember maybe he does not CARE to know.

          Unfortunately, today there are many people which only think of the ego centric self, “me”.

          Little do they know that if with out an identity THERE IS NO FUTURE, only enslavement….
          And to have an identity you need a strong family which produces a strong community, which in turn builds a strong Nation from a strong ONE people.

          Unfortunately my friend, with the Μαινδρος, these things they do not care for.

    • The fact that the director was not even aware of what year Allied forces landed in Normandy, should tell you alot about his level of sincerity and motivations. Facts are not very important to those producing propaganda. This glaring mistake should raise alarm bells about the value of the rest of his documentary which is basically a hit piece on Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn is Greece’s 3rd most popular party and scored 9.4% of the vote at the May 25, 2014 EU parliamentary elections sending 3 MEP’s to the EU parliament in Brussels. These 3 MEP’s will represent Greece at a European level for the next 5 years. Lets respect democracy, by respecting the choice made by 9.4% of Greece’s electorate.

      • Hi My Name Is Alexantros Tsirambidis I Have Started The Pontian Society In Melbourne Florida And To A Great Degree Support Golden Dawn And Would Like Your Help If You Have A Contact Number? That I Can Call And Have A RelationShip To Receive Information Photos Flags For My Shop Take Care.

  2. You are wrong, the XA does not believe in Nazism rather believes that Greece is first and above anybody else for real Greeks and must be govern by them and not foreigners

  3. Bravo to the strong and vibrant Greek American community. Intelligence and humanity prevails.

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