Earth Friendly Products Receives One More Award at 2014 Verte

Grades of Green co-founders with Verte 2014 honorees Suzie Amis-Cameron and Jon Landau (center). Photo by Pamela Spyrs.
Grades of Green co-founders with Verte 2014 honorees Suzy Amis-Cameron and Jon Landau (center). Photo by Pamela Spyrs.

Earth Friendly Products CEO Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, along with actor Suzie Amis-Cameron and Avatar Producer Jon Landau, were the honorees of Verte 2014, a celebration to benefit Grades of Green, an environmental education non-profit whose mission is to inspire and empower kids and the broader school community to care for the environment.

The environmentally-inspired evening that draw many esteemed members of the green movement, was hosted by John Ireland, ESPN710 host and the radio voice for the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Whether they are creating inspirational films like Avatar and ensuring the production is carbon neutral, or founding schools focused on environmental education and the arts, Jon and Suzy bring a tremendous amount of energy and passion for protecting the earth,” said Kimberly Lewand Martin, a co-founder of Grades of Green.

“And we really admire how Earth Friendly Products make it easier for all of us to live sustainably in our everyday lives. All three are terrific role models for the children we strive to inspire and empower – showing young people that you can simultaneously live your dreams and love the planet.”

Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks
Earth Friendly Products CEO Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, receives a recognition at the event’s green carpet by California State Senator Ted Lieu.

“It’s a great honor to receive this award and it has an extra-special meaning for me because it also honors my father. Being Dr, Van Vlahakis’ daughter fills me up with great pride,” noted Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks who was recently appointed as the new Earth Friendly Products CEO after her father’s passing.

Suzie Amis-Cameron who has also be working with the world’s largest manufacturer of green cleaning products, for the green school “Muse” she co-founded , said that “caring for the environment is the only true love we can show towards the future generations.”

Verte 2014 that serves as the main fundraising event for Grades of Green was held on June 6th at MBS Media Campus in Manhattan Beach where James Cameron is getting ready to film his next Avatar movie, the production of which will be carbon neutral, thanks to solar panels installed at the Campus.

Grades of Green strives to make environmental protection second nature in young minds by providing parents, students and educators with the tools to inspire and empower K–12 school communities to care for the environment. A recipient of the U.S. EPA’s coveted Environmental Award, Grades of Green currently is inspiring and empowering more than 150,000 students enrolled across 36 states and 5 countries to care for the environment. For details, visit

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