Fleksy: A Popular Virtual Keyboard Programmed by Greeks

fleksy-660Syntellia is a company founded by Greeks based in San Francisco, which has constantly shown innovative spirit in technology and is now in competition with the big company’s of the sector.

One of the company’s most innovative products is the virtual keyboard, Fleksy, which already operates in 15 languages, has different layouts and has already been downloaded by users in 205 countries.

This award-winning keyboard for touch-screen devices replaces the on-screen touchpad with completely different operating modes. Fleksy is the first keyboard app to be demonstrated on a 3D gesture system (Leap Motion); the first to be demonstrated on a smartwatch (Omate) and the first to arrive on iOS.

Ioannis Verdelis, who founded the company with Kostas Eleftheriou in 2011, explained: “We have already built a name in the market as a major company, and have introduced new technology with great prospects. However, we do not plan to stay idle. During the same week that we announced the keyboard’s new languages, we already had developed three be1ta versions with a series of improvements. This is the beauty of startup companies; they move quickly where larger companies cannot or do not want to.”

“Two thirds of downloads are from outside the U.S.,” added Ioannis Verdelis, “with countries such as Germany, India, Russia and Italy among the top ten in number of users.”

Although he did not reveal the exact number of downloads, Verdelis stressed that Fleksy has shown more growth than any other product in its field. The paid version of Fleksy for Android costs 2.89€, but users have the possibility to use it for free for one month.