U.S. News: Santorini, Mykonos Among Best Islands Worldwide

SantoriniThe American newspaper “U.S. News” listed Santorini 1st and Mykonos 11th among the 16 most beautiful islands in the world.

The two Greek islands competed with amazing and extremely popular islands such as the exotic Fiji and Maldives islands, managing to rank in very good places.

According to the newspaper, in order for an island to be considered as one of the best besides having beautiful beaches and a breathtaking scenery, it must also have a magical spark to keep the visitors fascinated and enchanted forever.

The 16 most beautiful islands worldwide are as follows:

1) Santorini
2) Bora Bora
3) Maldives
4) St. Kitts & Nevis
5) Fiji
6) Maui
7) Cayman Islands
8) St. Martin
9) Seychelles
10) Bali
11) Mykonos
12) Kauai
13) Anguilla
14) Galápagos Islands
15) U.S. Virgin Islands
16) Dominica