Italian Designer Launches Greek Bow Tie Line Made in USA

Alex Vacca of Mr. Hyde-Bow
Italian designer & photographer Alex Vacca with one of his unique bow-tie creations

A new collection from trendy design brand Mr Hyde Bow features a Greek-inspired line of bow ties.

Leather bow ties that feature details like unique Greek gold and silver medallion coins, a blue star, sailboat, fish, and Greek art, the idea behind the latest collection is a result of founder and designer Alex Vacca’s close group of Greek friends.

“Since I moved to L.A. in 2005, my group of friends are mostly Greek,” says Italian-born Vacca. “With the help of my friends I was able to obtain materials such as coins and small objects directly from Greece to embellish my bows,” adding, “I worked with them on some great projects, and most of all, we all have the same sense of humor.”

Mr Hyde Bow was initially launched as a full line of bow ties for men, and now includes necklaces and bracelets for women. Inspired to make a bow tie necklace for his girlfriend a few years ago, the successful photographer combined his passion for fashion with a unique idea to use “high quality luxury materials, such as leather and vintage buttons” that were “elegant and edgy.”

After his girlfriend received numerous compliments and positive feedback, Vacca began making bow ties, necklaces and bracelets. Each item is handmade by Vacca, because he says, “taking the time to add a unique character to each design is something that is definitely a priority in my creative process.”

The bow ties have even showed up at red carpet events, including the Oscars. And while the Greek designs are currently only available for men, there are plans to create Greek-inspired bow tie necklaces to make “Greek girls happy, too.” For more on Mr Hyde Bow, or for info on how to purchase, visit