Greek Band Imam Baildi Performs in the U.S.

imam baildiOn April 26, Imam Baildi, a Greek music band took part in the Festival International de Louisiane 2014 in Lafayette. The group performed on the main stage in front of a large audience.

The band’s music was described as Greek folk and electronica and initially the American audience had a bit of a hard time fully comprehending their style of music.

Apart from the lead vocalist, the band includes an electric guitar, drums, a saxophone and a lute. Their music is traditional Greek music from the 40s, 50s and 60s, covered with the band’s original interpretation of the music, adding their own unique twist to the songs.

Their performance was upbeat and the lead vocalist even said that “it’s like you’re at a Greek wedding.”

Imam Baildi covers a wide range of music styles and has had great success with European audiences. It may have taken a while, but it appears that the American audience eventually grew to appreciate the unique style of the band and enjoyed the show, especially when towards the end of the concert, two stilt walkers blended into the crowd urging them to dance and throw their hands in the air.