ZOOS, the Greek Iced Tea

ZOOS iced teaBoston-based business owner Kristina Tsipouras will soon be marketing her own original new brand of Greek iced tea named ZOOS.

Tsipouras came up with the idea for the company some years ago when she moved back to Boston from New York City, where she had been working as an events planner. “I was completely burnt out from wedding planning and not loving it. When I came back to Boston, I wanted to make something happen,” she said.

Along with her business partner, Niari Keverian, funding from family and friends and her family recipes for iced tea, she decided to brand a traditional iced tea beverage, similar to the tea she was drinking as a child in Greece.

ZOOS is a herbal iced tea made from Sideritis, a Mediterranean flowering plant, and is a healthier alternative to other iced tea beverages currently on the market. It’s made with organic tea leaves, and is high in antioxidants, low in calories and has no additives, preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. It comes in three flavors, original (unflavored with cane sugar), peach and lemon flavor, which is the most popular flavor for Greeks when it comes to iced tea.

ZOOS beverage is pronounced Zeus, and the name is a reference to the ancient Greek god Zeus. As Tsipouras said, she chose that name because: “It’s a play on words. Something fun and easy on the eye.”

She is very positive with high ambitions for her company. After a three-month tryout in Massachusetts, the iced tea will be available in Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states and in the future will also expand to other U.S. states. “We want to be a national, well-known brand,” Kristina Tsipouras stressed.