"The Greek Monsters" in New York


The Onassis Affiliate Foundation in New York is presenting an original exhibition by Beetroot Design Group entitled “The Greek Monsters”.

“This is a humorous and interactive exhibition for children and adults, reflecting the Greek creativity and imagination,” said the executive directors of the Onassis Foundation in America, Ambassador Lucas Tsilas.

The exhibition was first presented at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece, and features three-dimensional sculptures and digital “invisible monsters” which appear, become complete or come to life through devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the Beetroot Design Group being awarded in Thessaloniki with the highest award there is at international level in the field of communicative design, the Red Dot Communication Design Award 2011.

GREEK_MONSTERSThe organizers say “the exhibits serve on a primary level as modern works of art based on Greek mythology, and on a secondary level as an excuse to introduce the constituents of creation and development.”

Finally, note that through the “monsters”, the creators attempt to reverse in a humorous way Greece’s bad political and economic image abroad while presenting universal philosophical principals and practices of modern design. The exhibition “The Greek Monsters by Beetroot” aims to illuminate the most positive aspect of modern Greece.

The exhibition is expected to take place at the Atrium of the Olympic Tower in Manhattan from April to June 2014.