Chobani Yogurt a Copy of Greek FAGE Yogurt Recipe?


Greek yogurt in recent years has taken New york by storm, becoming a key nutrient of the American diet and resulting in the increase of profits for companies selling it. However, apart from FAGE, that has conquered the American market, the Chobani company, owned by a Turk of Kurdish origin, has also taken an important place in the market. Now, his ex-wife revealed to the American media that he had stolen the recipe from FAGE.

According to New York Post, Hamdi Ulukaya, also known in New York as “the king of Greek yogurt,” was proud and revealed to several friends that he had stolen the recipe from an employee of FAGE. His wife Ayse Giray denounced him in court, claiming that Ulukaya had traveled to Europe to meet with a former FAGE employee, whom he bribed with 30,000 euros.

This unbelievable accusation is the last saga in the bitter legal battle between the former couple. Giray claims to be entitled to 53 percent of the Chobani company.


  1. I would not expect any better from the Turk.He is a cheat and a copycat.And cheats never thrive.However I have tried his yogurt and immediately knew the difference.There was something missing is just does not taste the same.It appears the informer he bribed did not know the full recipe.Well nobody loves a cheat even his wife despises him.Maybe is payback time for honorable chopani.

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